Home Remodeling 101 in St Paul

When it is time to start remodeling your house, make a plan on how you want your house to look. Start with one room at a time and stay on a budget. Give yourself enough money for each room, consider that each room may take less or more money. Next do the minor projects first: replacing the windows and doors, painting the outside and inside of the house. Now let’s start on the living room. Remove everything out of the room and make a pile of the stuff you want to keep and a pile of stuff you want to get rid of. If it is in your budget, then you can replace your furniture to match your painting selection. If you cannot make it fit your budget, then make your paint match your furniture. Are you going to replace your floors?

If so tear up your old floor and place your new floor down. Make sure you put down insulation pads down as you place your floor down. Next thing is to take your old light fixtures down and replace them, do the same with your light covers and plug-ins. When you get done replacing everything, you can bring in the stuff you kept. Make it feel warm and welcoming to you and your future guest. Decorate your living room with what you like, some people like flowers and mirrors.

Those are just some examples. You can place down some candles. Now we can move onto the kitchen remodeling. Remove everything from the kitchen and if you have a dinner room remove the stuff from there too. Remember always start with the minor projects first and move to the enormous projects next. Remove the light fixtures, light covers and plug-ins, and replace them. Next, replace your floors with your new floors. If you have decided on a new stove and refrigerator, make a place for them to go. You can add backsplash to the back of your stove for a better look. Are you going to replace your countertops? Yes? One way you can do that and it want cost as much money getting new countertops is to leave the old countertops and sand them down, put a primer down and let that dry next, paint them black, put about two coats on there, once that is dry spray paint them with marble spray paint.

Once that is dry put a clear coat on there. Now put all your new appliances in. It is amazing how much a remodeled home can change the outlook on a home. Next start on your bathroom. Remove everything from your bathroom, if you’re not going to replace your bathtub and toilet you can leave that alone, but if you are, take those up. Replace them with what you have chosen. Replace the floors with the floors you have selected, you can make the floor heated if you wanted. You can do the same to the bathroom countertop, the same as you did in the kitchen. You might have to fix the plumbing. Figure out what you need before you the bathroom remodeling. Make the bathroom lighter with a bigger light fixture.

If you want a themed bathroom, then you can hang up some decorations. I personally like a sunflower themed bathroom. Some job are big and require some remodeling contractors to help you with your projects. Just do some research on some contractors and choose the best one for you. Home remodeling can be hectic but the outcome is worth all the time and effort that you put into it. You can say that you did that. I’m not saying that it will be easy because it is far from that. You will have times where you want to stop and walk away from it. Just take a break for a while, no one gave you a time limit on when you should have it done. Do it on your own pace. It is a good idea to have your home energy efficiency, it will save you money in the long run. When you get the inside of your house complete, you can upgrade the outside. You can make a flower garden along side your porch to add value to your house. It is very eye appealing. You can also upgrade your porch, make it a wrap around porch if that is what you like. I hope this has helped you during your home remodeling, and gave your some ideas too.